URLiens was ahead of it's time. Psychosis inducing witchhouse/trap/electronic hybrid, URLiens consists of originals by HENRI VICTORIOUS along side HENRI VICTORIOUS' remixes of songs by Tired Tiger. The mix down is harsh, the bass is maxed and distorting but URLiens doesn't care. This album was an emptying of emotion. Emotions aren't always pretty and this album reflects that.

This album grabs you by both of your ears and screams.


The Original Artwork for URLiens. Was later not used due to Henri not being able to find the original artist/photographer.

Side B

Side B was HENRI VICTORIOUS' decent into the madness that is ambient music. Experimenting a lot with the human voice pulled from other songs, Side B is an intoxicating mix of looped vocals that seem to go on forever. The songs throw the song structure handbook out the window with some lasting up to 7 minutes. With every repetition of a sample, the message is reinforced.

Each song drowns you in vocals, seemingly taking you further and further away from the present. This album was created as an escape from just that. Tinged with a nostalgic sadness that captures the transition from youth into adulthood, and the longing that comes for simpler and happier times.


Henri has always said this album is best enjoyed at 2am whilst you stare at the ceiling trying to put names to all the faces from years gone by.

This tape is smokey, drunk and sad.


Henri's original SoundCloud profile picture. Was used for 6 years before being updated.