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2 Real

You could say the budget on 2Real ain't exactly high. Seems fitting in a way though seeing as this whole mixtape/album thing is a labour of love in honour of the trap greats who made CLASSICS. Not to mention that they did it on even older equipment. DJ Paul Wall, Juicy J, UGK, DJ Screw, Koopsta etc.

It really isn't about the flashiest studios and the latest kit, it's all about making music that when you hear the finished product you've got a big ass smile on your face and you can't stop boppin ya head.. Something to make your homies say "that's dope".

Love 2 Memphis & Houston for the inspiration for 2Real. I love your cities, music and culture. I hope you enjoy my perspective peeking in from the other side. The inspiration list of artists is too long to put here but I've got a few spotify playlists that sum it up :

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