Essential Albums


This post was born out of a conversation I had with a friend. We are both into music but coming from slightly different angles. There is a lot of crossover and we wanted to swap our favourite artists. The best kind of conversation. Instead of just sending a text with a load of spotify links, I thought it'd be better if I wrote this all down properly. The following albums have influenced me and my music in a variety of ways, from personally relating to an artist, to simply admiring the production.

Cee Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections

"Now I don't want never hear nobody else say

a brother from the South can't rhyme..



This album is from Cee Lo's Dungeon Family days, intensely psychedelic in it's own right, Perfect Imperfections was Cee Lo coming at the rap game at a time when people from the South were looked down upon and discounted as less authentic than their West Coast & East Coast contemporaries. I believe it's for this reason that the album slipped under the radar. Cee Lo is more known for his venture into Pop music and not many people know his pure, uncut talent for the pen and spitting feu in the booth.

The production is almost entirely Green with