Yeow, Henri here again. Just want to cross post this album to the forums as it largely went under the radar when it came out.

This album was really important to me and was what you could argue to be my unofficial "debut". It's poorly mixed/mastered but this was simply a young Henri dumping a range of ptsd, manic depression and adhd on wax. Every song had a theme to issues I was dealing with at the time and thus, is incredibly personal to me. I wrote a pretty vague facebook status at the time with each song and it's respective state of mind. I believe this was my way of craving to be understood, I find it hard to articulate my emotions outside of music, must be why I have been so addicted to this profession for the last 9 years. In retrospect however, I think I'd prefer the listener to create there own relation with each of the songs instead of needing to be understood anymore.

I worked a lot with Tired Tiger on these tracks, and his input can't be underestimated. Thank you tiger for being a friend that I could bounce song ideas off during that difficult time in my life.

Free download on Bandcamp : DOWNLOAD

1. HENRI VICTORIOUS & Tired Tiger - icantbreathe [05:39]

2. touch me (HENRI VICTORIOUS remix) [04:34]

3. u never need me (HENRI VICTORIOUS remix) [04:07]

4. cant drown my demons they know how to swim (HENRI VICTORIOUS remix) [03:40]

5. 01483 [02:41]

6. all in ur head [05:10]

7. the sky is blue and im alive (HENRI VICTORIOUS remix) [02:37]

8. HENRI VICTORIOUS & Tired Tiger - lie//awake!! [04:25]

i. cant sleep (Bandcamp Bonus Track) (bonus) 04:24

Thank you to all those who rocked with me since the beginning, although a lot of you have faded from my instagram dms, I wish you nothing but the best in life.

You Are Victorious.. forever. Change tha world !!!